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Oxford Street Tiktok Apk - After hearing on social media that there would be unrest in the West End, the police have arrested several people during a brawl with youths on Oxford Street Tiktok.

After the burglary calls went viral, the video showed police officers beating youths with sticks in the shopping district.

At least nine people were arrested on Wednesday night in connection with the chaos on one of Europe's busiest shopping streets.

Realizing that a major wave of robberies was imminent, the Metropolitan Police played an important role in protecting roadside businesses.

Police officers on horses and cars were dispatched to the accident site.

This happened after a group of people robbed a candy store in the area, stole the goods, and released a video.

Two youths were taken in handcuffs from a nearby McDonald's store, believed to be the latest target of a fight organized by TikTok.

Neighborhood businesses such as an ophthalmologist's office and pharmacy closed briefly around 3 p.m., and people gathered on the busy street to witness the scene.

Traffic was stopped for some time and four policemen and security agents tried to evacuate the people.

A large number of police and security guards were present on the busy shopping street after rumors of a fight emerged.

Later, in crime scene footage, police are seen chasing youths with batons in front of a Microsoft store.

As of 8:15 p.m. Wednesday, police said nine people had been arrested and 34 people had been ordered to leave the area.

"Officers maintained a highly visible presence in the Oxford Street Tiktok App area throughout the day on Wednesday," police said.

He also said: "Four people have been arrested on suspicion of breaching an evacuation order, one person has been arrested on suspicion of robbery, one person has been arrested on suspicion of assaulting a police officer. And one person has been arrested on suspicion of dishonor. . Violation of public order.

"This afternoon, Essex Police arrested two men on suspicion of conspiracy to commit robbery after seeing posts on social media."

From 11 a.m. Tuesday to 10 a.m. Thursday, authorities were authorized to keep people out of the area for 48 hours.

Those who do not follow the rules can also be fined.

According to the police, dispersal orders give police more power to disperse groups of two or more people whose behavior causes nuisance, annoyance or annoyance. Many tube stations are within walkable areas such as Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, Charing Cross, and Covent Garden.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan had earlier told people not to go to Oxford Street to "spell" on social media.

"I'm worried about the nonsense on TikTok telling people to go to Oxford Street Tiktok," Khan told the PA news agency.

“Police are aware that TikTok is driving some people to this part of London.

"I would advise anyone who has seen this to stay away from Oxford Street Tiktok. Don't go anywhere where there is a lot of crime."