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Apr 08, 2023

Dragonheir Silent Gods Apk is an upcoming online multiplayer party-based role-playing game set in a world full of magic and dragons. Players become the chosen ones and embark on a journey to save a world almost destroyed during the War of the Dragon Gods.

Dragonheir Silent Gods Apk is slated for release on PC, iOS, and Android in 2023, but fans can dive into the world of Arcadia earlier, as a series of tests will take place throughout 2022. To prepare you to save the world from certain destruction, here are five reasons why you won't want to leave this RPG.

About Dragonheir Silent Gods Apk

Dragonheir Silent Gods Apk is an exciting game that brings together the iconic characters of Dungeons and Dragons in a multiversal level of gameplay. The story revolves around a warrior whose soul is trapped in chaos and his mission is to save the world from the evil dragon god.
Explore a non-linear world with side quests and biomes to choose from and build powerful teams to defeat opponents with an innovative semi-real-time combat system. With over 200 heroes to collect from different planes, you can later customize your character to influence the story.
The game also features a dice mechanic that determines your fate and makes every adventure unpredictable. Enjoy an extremely rich story campaign and embark on a journey that is all your own. Download Dragonheir Silent Gods App Game for Android. The choice is yours, but your fate will be determined by the roles.

Experience cinematic branching storytelling through sandbox exploration

Dragonheir Silent Gods are all about player freedom and allow adventurers traveling through Arcadia to create their own story at their own discretion. Dragonheir features non-linear missions and side quests that allow players to explore the many biomes at their leisure. This means they can travel from ice fields to underground caves, forests, plains and more to experience unique puzzle-solving gameplay and an engaging and immersive branching story that feels exactly like a movie.
In addition, Dragonhire features dice-based gameplay that will make any Dungeons and Dragons player feel right at home. Dice will determine if you can steal, trade, fight, persuade, and even be skilled enough to recruit legendary NPCs for your team. The choice is yours, but the roles will determine your destiny.

Challenge epic bosses

Dragonheir takes place after the War of the Gods, which saw the entire world burning with the roar of the Dragon Gods. After waking up in a new, shattered world without your memories, you face demons and dragons on your way to recover what you've lost and save Arkandia and everything you love.

One of these epic bosses is known as Tiamat, a three-headed dragon that threatens everything you hold dear and must be stopped before the darkness of its power engulfs the world. Tiamat is one of the many colorful and metallic dragons that await you in Dragonheir Defeating them will earn you Ascension Materials, Gear, Runes, and Divine Artifacts.

Collect powerful heroes

While players assume that the chosen one is out to save the world, they don't have to solve all of the world's problems on their own. Dragonheir offers over a million options to create over 200 different heroes. Speaking of heroes, the world of Arcadia is full of echelon dwarves, death knights, orcs, commoners, dark elves, wizards, knights, undead, and many more.
One of these heroes is the dwarven fighter Gimgus, a warlike mercenary, drunkard, and gambling master who seizes the day and would be a valuable and fun addition to any party.

Next-generation classic aesthetic 3D style