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Mar 28, 2023

Do you know the name of Telolet Basuri Apk which is currently going viral on TikTok? Below is the download link for the full Telolet Basuri horn game with sheet music.

Recently, many buses use a unique Telolet Basuri Apk. Earlier, the tallot horn installed on the bus went viral on social media across the world.

However, the recently viral Telolet Basuri Apk is quite different from the tallolet that went viral a few years ago.

Telolet Basuri Apk play different tones of songs that are going viral. The songs usually played on the tallolet flute are the songs that are currently popular on TikTok.

The song that is played makes the listeners of his voice seem familiar with his melody. Very few bus drivers use this type of horn.

It is very unique and now many bus users install tallow flute in their vehicles. In fact, the bassoon Telolet Basuri Apk is also widely used in musical applications.

About Telolet Basuri Apk

Telolet Basuri Apk is an application that presents a simulation of playing the horn with a unique sound different from the usual horn sound.

Each bus horn has its own characteristics. The Telolet Basuri dominated by the piano sound is very popular.

With this app you as a bus driver can simulate who drives the bus according to the destination of the passengers.

Not only this, in this simulator game you can also play the tallot horn which is very popular among bus lovers.

By playing these simulations we can generally understand more about the world of buses, road layouts and many other features that we can implement.

Having this game is a unique way to play a variety of extraordinary bus horns.

Well, these types of extravagant horns include penguins, snakes, WM themes, the most popular, the piano flute.

However, to use this Telolet Basuri, you of course have to download the audio first.

What is Telolet Basuri Apk?

As the name suggests, it is an application that includes different types of horns emitted by buses. There doesn't seem to be much you can do except for the noise the vehicle makes. However, this is not a problem if you are really interested in downloading it.

Bus honking used to go viral in Indonesia and became one of the most attention-grabbing activities on social media. For those of you who don't know, this activity is fun. Where the people waiting for the vehicle are chanting Telolet Basuri App.

And when the driver or the bus driver answers, the horn sounds like a Telolet Basuri. We forget about it over the years, but at the time there were actually a lot of people making stuff about it, and then it went viral right away.

We believe the design of this app has something to do with it. Because now the bus horn can be heard directly through the application. This is just one possibility, but we think it has something to do with remembering the viral event or it could just be for entertainment purposes.